The University of Central Oklahoma’s Office of Information Technology, in partnership with the Office of Operations and Finance have developed a new process for purchasing technology products and services.  The two divisions collaborated to provide efficiency and cost-savings benefits to the university.  For details of this policy please review the Knowledge Base Article.

The UCO Techs have compiled a list of standardized technology equipment that will be kept in stock in the Central Tech Store. These items have been pre-approved by UCO Techs, the Office of Information Technology, and the UCO Purchasing Office. These items do not require additional approvals beyond individual department requirements for purchase. 


University of Central Oklahoma Standardized Technology:







     Peripherals & Cases




     Data Storage




     Cables, Docks & Adapters


     Cisco Phones


     Software Licenses



     Duo Security Token



**Please Note: All pcard holders will need to create an account and identify their department before making institutional purchases through the Central Tech Store Online.**