Payroll Deduction for UCO Faculty and Staff


Payroll Deduction Information

Faculty and staff at the University of Central Oklahoma can now utilize the Central Tech Store Payroll Deduction Plan. Employees can defer a minimum of $100 and up to a maximum of $500 to be deducted from their paycheck for a Central Tech Store transaction. Monthly Employees can choose between 1 - 3 monthly payments and bi-weekly employees can choose between 1-6 bi-weekly payments. Payroll deduction can be used on purchases greater than $500, but only $500 will be able to added to payroll deduction. Payroll Deduction can only be utilized on in-store purchases.

When completing a transaction involving payroll deduction, employees are required to fill out a Payroll Deduction Debt Authorization Form that the Central Tech Store will provide. This form allows for the payroll deduction amount to be added to the employee’s UCO Bursar account. 
If the employee is no longer employed by UCO before the payroll deduction amount is paid, the amount will be deducted from the final paycheck and/or payout due to the employee (vacation accrual payout, for example).

A University of Central Oklahoma Photo ID is required for Payroll Deduction.